Jamie Dornan Was Totally Starstruck After Meeting a Certain Actor

Jamie Dornan playing gold

If we're being honest, no one is immune to a total fangirl (or boy) moment -- not even celebs. But that doesn't make it any less amusing to find out that one of Hollywood's hottest men gets startstruck just like the rest of us. Yep, that's right: Jamie Dornan had a fanboy moment after meeting Bill Murray


While it was Jamie's intention to go home and head to bed after getting a little tipsy, Bill Murray dragged him to a hidden bar with an amazing view of the golf course. Yes, this happened IRL after the two were paired together for Dunhill Links Championship -- a golf tournament that pairs newbies with more skilled players.

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But don't let me bore you -- here's how it went down, according to his interview on Jimmy Kimmel: 

We weren't talking. He just gave me the whiskey and we went and stood on the balcony, right on the edge. The only two people on the balcony, just staring out on the golf course, with the starry sky, just staring at it. And we were there for two minutes without saying a word, and I'm like 'What is happening here?' I was sort of like looking at him to see if he's like into it or what is up. And then after I just thought 'This is maybe the coolest moment of my life. I'm standing, drinking whiskey with Bill Murray at the most famous golf course in the world.' And then after a while he just turned and left, but again didn't say anything, and I was just standing there going 'Should I, like, follow him in?'

Of course, we can't blame him. C'mon, it's Bill Murray! But, thankfully he isn't a STAN (stalker fan, FYI), so instead of following him back into the party, Dornan just went back to his room. 

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If this story isn't insanely adorable, we don't know what is. It also serves as a little reminder that celebs are only human. They too are subject to the occasional celeb crush. But we promise it's not as big as the one we've got on Dornan. 



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