Jamie Dornan Gets All Emotional in Clip From 'The Fall' Farewell Party

Jamie dornanThe time that TV fanatics have dreaded the most has finally come, and it's more sad than any of us imagined. Yes, we knew that Jamie Dornan leaving The Fall would be difficult, but watching his farewell just made it that much more heartbreaking.


After they wrapped filming on his final episode, they said their goodbyes to Dornan -- gifting him with a guitar. And filled with gratitude and emotion, he threw his hood over his head and turned away in what appears to be tears.

The sentiment was the same all around, as someone stated in the clip that was posted to Twitter, "I was moved by the fact that he was hugely moved by it."

Yeah, and so were we -- moved, that is. Seriously, it's not as if we weren't swooning over him enough from his Christian Grey role, but then he had to go and get all emotional -- awakening everything inside of us.

Although, I must say that it's always good to see celebrities being humble, as a lot of the time we hear stories of how they can be divas or generally just hard to get along with. But to see how loved you are among the entire team? Well, that speaks volumes about the person that Dornan is. 

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And we must say, it's refreshing to see that he's not fifty shades of a total jerk or anything, IRL. It would probably ruin him for us, right? Okay, maybe not, but you get where we're going with this.

Now we're just going to stop talking and go cry real tears, watching this video on loop.


Images via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

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