17 Times 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' Tugged at Our Heartstrings

Tanvier Peart | Oct 25, 2016 Movies
17 Times 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' Tugged at Our Heartstrings

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It's so hard to believe It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is turning 50, but this year (on October 27 to be exact), the beloved Peanuts Halloween special will be a half-century old! Before Hocus Pocus and all those family spooktacular films we've come to love, I looked forward to watching Linus, his excitement for the Great Pumpkin, and the most festive little kids' Halloween party I've ever seen. Great Pumpkin is a timeless TV special that became a part of my childhood -- and one I still enjoy watching today.

As I look back on this 30-minute movie, I feel like it's hard not to fangirl over my fave Peanuts characters. And while I've probably seen It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown more times than I'd like to count (or admit), I always feel like there's something new I never saw -- or realized -- until I watch it again.

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Here are some of the best moments from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown that made us laugh, had us shaking our heads, and gave us some pretty good food for thought.


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  • When Charlie Brown Finally Becomes a Cool Kid


    Admit it, you shed a little tear of joy when Charlie Brown got his Halloween party invitation in the mail. This poor boy gets picked on and called a "Blockhead" too many times to count. We're happy he didn't get left out and don't care about some "do not invite" list he might've been on. (Be quiet, Lucy.)

  • When Linus Makes It Home With That Big A** Pumpkin


    It's OK if you wanted to pass Linus a bottle of water and a towel through your TV. We did, too! This little boy is determined to get that ginormous pumpkin home. No matter the sweat or tears, he kept with it and finally made it -- hooray!

  • When Lucy Rips Linus's Pumpkin (& Heart) Open


    Aww, that's cold-blooded. In classic Lucy fashion, this "lovable" Peanuts character watches her younger bro walk to the pumpkin patch, pick his pumpkin, struggle to get said pumpkin through a fence, and roll it home in utter desperation. Sure, many people remove a pumpkin's guts, but look how devastated Linus is. All that hard work for nothing. Good grief.

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  • When Linus Makes Us All Believe the Great Pumpkin Is Real, Like Santa Claus


    Although Linus gets his holidays mixed up, you can't tell this little boy he isn't going to get any gifts for Halloween. The Great Pumpkin might not be real, but he sure did press kids who watched this Peanuts special to whine to their parents about receiving a toy from a mythical squash plant. Why wait for Santa when you can get something now?

  • When Linus Shows Lucy She Isn't the Only One With Skills


    Just because you're small does not mean you can't be resourceful. Linus is determined to get his letter to the Great Pumpkin, and a little thing like his height is not going to get in the way.

  • When Sally Proves There's No Age Requirement for Feminsim


    "Welcome to the 20th century." Sally is not afraid to let Linus know about himself, his hands, and why girls don't have to believe everything told to them in order to be considered "innocent" and "trustworthy." Not too many people caught this feminist moment in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, but we're so here for it!

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  • When Linus Drops Knowledge on Conversation Etiquette


    Who knew a little kid could be so informed? Linus's words in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown should be a lesson to us all. Things like religion and politics are very hot-button topics that have been known to cause serious issues -- and a few fights -- among friends, on social media, and even in the workplace. When in doubt, choose something else to talk about.

  • When Everyone Wears the Same White Sheet Except for Snoopy


    Did no one else -- other than Snoopy and Lucy -- think to pick a Halloween costume that's not a ghost? And poor Charlie Brown needs a DIY refresher course, as his ensemble has one too many holes. 

  • When Lucy Doesn't Know She Acts Like a Witch on the Regular


    Dearest Lucy. How you make us laugh. It is pure comedy when Lucy tries to tell her friends to dress up in costumes that don't reflect their personalities ... and proceeds to choose a witch for herself. We'll just leave this one alone.

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  • When Snoopy Simply Has No Time for Halloween


    Snoopy has been known to be a little extra, but his personal adventure as a World War I pilot is soo entertaining. This beagle has no time for childish antics or trick-or-treating. Snoopy was on a mission that was obviously serious business.

  • When None of the Neighbors Show Charlie Brown Any Love


    Dang, can Charlie Brown ever catch a break?! What neighbor gives a trick-or-treater a rock? That's just plain evil! Sadly, this is Charlie's luck all night. Good grief, indeed ...

  • When Snoopy Reminds Us Imagination Is Power


    Children have been known to possess wild imaginations, and boy does Snoopy encourage little ones to dream big in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Snoopy has a grand adventure in the "sky" as a WWI pilot that continues on even after he "lost" his battle. This just goes to show that if you put your mind to anything, you can achieve it.

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  • When the Halloween Party Is Revealed in All of Its Pinterest-Worthy Glory


    Hanging jack-o'-lanterns. Streamers. Creepy wall decals. These kids sure do know how to put on a festive Halloween party! Who knows if the parents helped -- or whether or not they were even home for that matter. All we know is that Violet's Hallows' Eve shindig is the place to be and can show us a thing or two in the entertaining department.

  • When Snoopy Pulls a Fast One on Lucy


    Lucy probably did not expect to see Snoopy while bobbing for apples  -- and that made the moment even funnier. This dog always knows how to show up at the right place and the right time, haha.

  • When Violet & Lucy Actually Draw on Charlie Brown's Head -- Not OK


    This is definitely one of the meanest things to ever happen to Charlie Brown. Seriously, who the heck thinks it's funny or OK to draw on the back of someone's head? Not cool, Lucy and Violet. Not cool at all ... but definitely a moment to talk about bullying with your kids.

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  • When Linus Gets a Bit Too Excited to See the Great Pumpkin


    Aww. After opting out of the Halloween festivities to spend the entire night in a pumpkin patch, poor Linus has a moment where he really thinks he is going to see the Great Pumpkin -- and faints! Too bad it's just Snoopy.

  • When Lucy Refuses to Let Her Brother Freeze Outside


    No matter how mean Lucy might get, deep inside, she has a heart of gold. Remembering her brother Linus is still outside waiting for the Great Pumpkin, Lucy goes to get him and even helps tuck him into bed. Their parents would be soo proud!

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