Dakota Johnson Rumored to Be Dating One of Her Friends

dakota johnsonThere is a lot of chatter about the love life of Dakota Johnson, and none of it has to do with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Matthew Hitt or her costar Jamie Dornan (thank goodness). All eyes are on the friendship between Dakota and Cara Delevingne, with some saying that their relationship took a turn for the romantic.


Are Dakota and Cara dating? We do know they are friends and have been for a long time. Cara's ex St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) is now dating Kristen Stewart. And Dakota is single now. But that doesn't mean two friends decided to get together, does it?  

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dakota johnson cara delevingne

cara delevingne

Reports have suggested that Cara and Dakota's friendship deepened in recent days because the Fifty Shades star has been a major source of support for her. There's been a lot of PDA between Stewart and St. Vincent that may have been hard for Cara to deal with. Dakota and Cara have been out and about together, going to dinner and concerts, but they have also been with other friends, namely Taylor Swift and a group of other ridiculously beautiful and successful women. All of that has some saying that there may be a bit more to this friendship, this closeness. That perhaps Cara and Dakota are now dating. 

As we know, people seem to want to suggest Dakota is dating just about anyone she is seen with. So we're going to sit back on this one and see if either of them say anything on the matter before we jump to conclusions. Going from friends to lovers is a big leap -- and one that people tend to take seriously. If things blossomed into something more, we'll hear about it soon enough. 

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It does make sense that these two are so close though -- both understand the modeling world, being an actor, and having the world want to know your business. If these are all rumors, these two might even have a laugh about all the fuss.


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