Julia Roberts Shares the Original Ending of 'Pretty Woman' -- & It's Not So Pretty

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One of the most iconic and unordinary love stories to come from the '90s was, hands down, Pretty Woman. And that still stands 25 years later. After familiarizing ourselves with the plot for all those years, we feel like it's hard to imagine that any other ending would fit the movie. And, frankly, we never really wanted to imagine a world where Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis didn't end up together -- until we were forced to do so.


Sorry, but we can't make this up! During an interview with NBC, Julia Roberts revealed, "At the end of the original script, Richard [Gere]'s character threw my character out of the car, threw the money on top of her and drove away and the credits rolled."

As if that wasn't bleak enough, we also discovered that screenwriter J.L. Lawton's original script didn't initially feature a drug-free woman trying to get her sh*t together -- quite the contrary. Which would have been fine for some other movie, but not our Pretty Woman.

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All we can say at the moment is "Big mistake. Big. Huge" for telling us this, because now our brains are racing with tons and tons of questions that inevitably come up when someone makes us second-guess everything we knew to be true.

Seriously. If it hadn't been for Vivian getting the guy again -- if it hadn't been for this staple in romantic flicks having the ending that we know and love -- where the hell would modern romance movies be? Where would the hopeless romantics of the world be? Probably just plain old hopeless.  

Would Julia Roberts be ... well ... Julia Roberts!? Ugh, I shudder to think. What would've been Disney's highest grossing R-rated film if not Pretty Woman

We're so, so lucky they changed the ending to the one we know and love. Seriously.

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Now we're sitting here analyzing how going right instead of left would've inevitably changed everything (for better or for worse) -- just like we do our own lives. SO not fair. 

So we're really, really grateful that Disney came along with its team of writers and made this the fairy tale we can't seem to get enough of. 


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