Rachel McAdams Talks Future for 'Mean Girls' -- Here Are Our Hopes & Dreams

Rachel McAdams

It's October, which is our favorite annual excuse to talk about Mean Girls (since October 3 marks the first day Aaron Samuels and Cady Heron had a conversation in the movie, of course). We'll take any excuse to discuss one of the best teen movies to date, but a "real" excuse is even better -- like this awesome footage of a humble Rachel McAdams not only saying she'd do the Mean Girls musical -- but also discussing where Regina George would be 12 years later. 


And guess what? She'd be a mom! When asked if Regina would have children today, she told Entertainment Tonight, "Regina's probably had a few," and even joked that they'd be "babies who are plotting your demise in the womb."

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This most definitely makes Regina's mother (played by Amy Poehler) a cool grandma now. (If anyone would refer to herself as a "cool grandma," it'd be her.) But, I have to wonder if Regina would be half as much of a cool mom as her mom was? 

Whatever the case may be, this made us curious as to what the rest of our favorites might be up to more than a decade after we last heard from them. Nothing's official, but from the Plastics to our favorite duo Janis and Damien, here's what we imagine they'd be up to. 

Cady Heron

When we last saw Cady at the end of Mean Girls, she and Aaron Samuels were still on, even though he was in college. After 12 years, we think these two have made it work over the years (on and off because nothing is perfect). Eventually, we hope they married, moved to Africa together, and now bide their time doing charity work in a small village. 

Gretchen Weiners

Gretchen, we bet, used her inheritance money and opted out of the family toaster strudel business, instead choosing to start a revolutionary women's blog. It's probably called something like For the Fetch Girl. Despite what Regina said all those years ago, the word fetch totally did happen. She runs her own empire and makes it a point to show that douchebag Jason what he missed out on when they see each other again at North Shore's 10-year reunion. Meanwhile, he was probably shaving his back hair. Or whatever. 

Karen Smith

In our imaginary Mean Girls future, Karen didn't end up dating her cousin. But she did carry on capitalizing on her fifth sense (telling the weather with her boobs, of course) as a lucrative career. Right out of college, she landed a job with the Weather Channel. Eventually, her charm landed her a reality series that's currently in the works. 

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Janis Ian 

Janis moved to New York to pursue a career in art, of course. We bet she and Damien are still the tightest of friends, even with their living on completely opposite sides of the country. (But he definitely catches her art galleries anytime he's in the Big Apple.)

Damien Leigh

Damien, we think, moved to LA right after graduation to pursue a career as an actor. He hasn't caught any major breaks (yet) but he's working on creating a new YouTube series. Naturally, he's still fabulous and "too gay to function," as his BFF Janis once stated. 

Kevin Gnapoor

Kevin Geeee! You know we couldn't forget about him even if we tried. Sadly, we just know that he didn't take his rap skills to the next level after the talent show that year. However, we think he found his calling as a motivational speaker and now travels the world reminding people not to let the haters stop them from doing their thang. 

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Ms. Norbury

You'll be happy to know, Ms. Norbury was able to quit her job at TJ Calamity's and eventually got married with ... Principal Duvall! (At least we hope so.) After her rough school year of facing drug charges and a divorce, he was there to comfort her. One thing led to another, and now we like to believe that they have a couple of cute kiddos and live happily in an Illinois suburb not too far from North Shore.  


Image via Aflo / Splash News

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