New Trailer Showing Jamie Dornan in the Shower Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Jamie DornanWhether you were crushing on him prior to his big break in Fifty Shades or after the raunchy role came into being -- you'll definitely want to see Jamie Dornan in this steamy hot shower scene in a preview for British TV series The Fall.


Yep! In most of this clip -- which is a little over a minute -- we're blessed with a steamy view of Jamie's character, Paul Spector, deep in thought as he showers.

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Sadly, we only get that trailer for now, as the series isn't available yet in the United States (it comes to Netflix in the US on October 29).

But no worries, because the countdown for Fifty Shades Darker has begun, and it's only a matter of time until we get to see some more of Dornan in the nude -- whether it be in the shower or in the red room. 

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However, until then we'll keep playing this preview on loop. BRB. 

Image via Karadshow/Splash News

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