'Fifty Shades Darker' Virtual Reality Experience Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

50 shades darker setFor those of us who read -- not watched -- Fifty Shades of Grey (or the entire trilogy), there's definitely been a time or two where we've imagined what it might be like to heat things up in the "red room of pain" at least once. Hate it or love it, the details of it all piqued the curiosity of readers everywhere. But now you can make your visual more real than ever -- because a Fifty Shades Darker virtual reality experience is coming your way. 


Director James Foley has announced that some of the marketing for this movie will feature VR technology that allows you to finally get in that red room with Christian and Anna.

According to Deadline, who was able to hear Foley speak at Paramount, the director said: "My own personal instinct is that cinema is going to move to VR because it’s an extension of the visual language. For myself, watching the material they generated expanded my brain."

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Hell, nowour minds are being expanded with all of the possibilities that come along with some Fifty Shades virtual reality. Seriously, our imaginations are running wild. 

I mean, we already had high expectations for the movie itself after finally getting to see the full trailer, but this has definitely upped the ante. 

In creating the VR, actors stay after shooting is wrapped for the day and the VR crew  "create a facsimile of the scene." Although it involves more work for everyone involved in making the film, we're forever grateful for them allowing us to be apart of their world in such a major way. 


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