What Our Favorite Movie Couple Says About Our Own Relationship

Maressa Brown | Oct 13, 2016 Movies
What Our Favorite Movie Couple Says About Our Own Relationship
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We all have our favorite movies, and then we have our favorite movie romances. Those are the ones with the couple we just can't take our eyes off of ... the couple whose love story gives us butterflies and maybe even makes us a bit teary -- Every. Single. Time. Chances are that although our favorite big-screen couple's romance is purely fictional, we identify with it on some level.

So what does it mean if Baby and Johnny's romance in Dirty Dancing is the one that has us swooning? Or maybe it's Daisy and Gatsby or Scarlett and Rhett whose old school romance gives us the ultimate goosebumps. Rose and Jack, Harry and Sally, Anastasia and Christian, the list goes on and on -- which one of these famous movie couples leaves us sighing long and heavy? 

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There are so many love stories to love but WHY we love the ones we love can say a lot about us ... Here is a fun take on what our favorite classic movie romances might say about our own relationships -- or prospective relationships, on/off loves, or wannabe baes.* (*Note: While we obviously know a thing or two about our movie-couple crushes, we're definitely not experts.)

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  • Noah & Allie


    If you adore the romance of Nicholas Sparks's most iconic big-screen couple -- Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) -- above all others, chances are your own relationship has been a lifelong one, too. Maybe you met in high school or at least in your early 20s, and though you've been through your ups and downs, major fights, and maybe one or more "breaks," you know exactly what you want: each other. There's no one else you'd choose to grow old with. Aww

  • Baby & Johnny


    In Dirty Dancing, 17-year-old Baby (Jennifer Gray) meets Johnny (a 20-something-year-old dancer played by Patrick Swayze) at Kellerman's in the summer of 1963 -- and, from the get-go, their relationship was totally taboo. But that didn't stop them from falling head over heels in love. Whether you and your bae have a significant age difference or are just complete opposites, chances are you feel like you're rebelling a bit by being with one another. At least on paper, you're not a match. But in actuality, you have crazy chemistry (on and off the dance floor) and balance each other out in an amazing way.

  • Amy & Bumper


    In the most "aca"-hilarious love story of Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, "Fat Amy" and Bumper can't seem to be honest with one another about their true feelings, until of course Bumper (Adam Devine) gets so real that Amy (Rebel Wilson) can't handle it and rejects him -- only to realize what a mistake she made and serenade him with Pat Benatar's "We Belong." Sigh.

    If their kooky romance gets you every time, you're no stranger to playing hard to get. Maybe commitment didn't come all that naturally for you and your bae. And you're both a little insecure about how the other feels because actually talking about your feelings isn't your favorite. You'd rather play flirty games and enjoy witty banter. But once you communicate about how you really feel, you realize, you're, well, totally made for one another.

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  • Rose & Jack


    Sure, we all tired of Celine Dion and references to the Heart of the Ocean at one time, but the on-screen chemistry between Kate Winslet's Rose and Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack in 1997's Titanic was so off-the-charts, you should feel absolutely #sorrynotsorry if their ill-fated romance is hands-down your all-time fave. It may also mean that you and your partner love to challenge one another and call each other out on BS. You're both a bit stubborn and fiery, but that passion also translates to your connection. You'd do anything for one another. 

  • Harry & Sally


    The 1989 New York love story, written by Nora Ephron, is one of those classics that basically requires repeat watching and line memorization. (At the very least, you've probably, at one time or another, imitated Meg Ryan faking an orgasm at Katz's Deli, right?) The root of Harry and Sally's romance is, of course, friendship.

    Like the characters played by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, you and your partner may have been besties before you took things to the next level. But even if you didn't start out platonically, you've always had an easygoing, intellectual connection and probably flirt by teasing one another. You totally get on one another's nerves from time to time -- and know exactly how to press each other's buttons, for better or worse. But you're crazy for one another, so you're always able to get on the same page.

  • Anastasia & Christian


    If you consider Fifty Shades your guilty pleasure, you're totally not alone. While EL James's trilogy gets so much buzz for its sexually graphic scenes, most fans say they (also) fell for the relationship between studious and sweet Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and troubled, mercurial Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). If the risqué couple's romance is your favorite, perhaps you enjoy experimenting and learning from your partner, in and out of bed. You were surprised by just how attracted you were to one another initially. And though you tend to bore easily, you always manage to figure out the best way to shake things up -- and fall in love with one another over and over again. 

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  • Armand & Albert


    In 1996's The Birdcage, which is an adaption of the French musical farce La Cage aux Folles, South Beach nightclub proprietor Armand (Robin Williams) and his longtime love Albert (Nathan Lane) grapple with middle age and their son marrying a girl whose dad is an ultra-religious right-wing senator.

    If their romance speaks to you, maybe you and your love aren't always on the same page about how to handle crises that pop up in your life. And when you feel misunderstood by one another, you can get really frustrated. At your relationship's core, though, is a lot of admiration, compatibility, and true love. And when it comes down to it, you'd do anything to stand up for one another. 

  • Bridget & Mark


    Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger) and Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) -- based on Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen's Pride & Predjudice -- seem like a perfectly illustrated example of how opposites attract. Bridget's kind of a train wreck, and Mark's super-polished and serious -- but, much to both of their surprise, they totally click.

    If you adore their ongoing story (which of course takes yet another turn in the series' latest film), maybe you and your partner are also a bit yin-yang. You may have even questioned whether or not to pursue a relationship, because you weren't sure if that innate compatibility existed. But you couldn't help falling for one another -- quirks and all. In fact, those ridiculous quirks are actually what you find endearing in one another, and you make each other feel like the best version of yourselves.

  • Cher & Josh


    Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) was oblivious about a lot in Amy Heckerling's 1995 hit -- based on another Jane Austen novel, Emma -- but the biggest thing she had absolutely no clue about? Her feelings for Josh (Paul Rudd), obvi! The Clueless romance was puppy-level adorable, and if it's your ultimate, you and your partner might have been similarly caught off guard by your feelings for one another. But once you figured it out, you fell head over heels. You probably really truly admire each other's talents and are one another's biggest fan and cheerleader. Sure, you're capable of driving each other nuts, but somehow you find the humor in your differences and make it work. 

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  • Daisy & Gatsby


    F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic couple first met in in Louisville in 1917. Daisy was a wealthy Southern belle and Gatsby was a soldier, stationed nearby. He'd go on to shape an entirely false identity and massive wealth just to win her heart. If their story (recently depicted in the 2013 flick) is your most beloved, perhaps you idealize your partner, or you appreciate that he or she idealizes you. Of course, if you're always seeing your relationship through rose-colored glasses, you might struggle to find yourselves on the same page at times. Still, perhaps you fell for one another a long time ago, and that shared history keeps you working at your relationship.

  • Hannah & Jacob


    When Hannah (Emma Stone) meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling) in 2011's Crazy Stupid Love, she's got her guard up, big-time. He's such a smooth talker, he must be a player, right? But then the two get to know one another and get much more vulnerable than they bargained for. If you can't get enough of their romance, you and your bae feel really lucky to have found each other. Once you let your guard down, you figured out a way to communicate with one another and see each other in a way no one else had before. In turn, you've changed one another for the better. Awesome!

  • Julianne & Michael


    After skyrocketing to fame with Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts starred in some of the best rom-coms of the '90s, but My Best Friend's Wedding may be her best follow-up effort. Julianne visits Chicago to attend her college BFF Michael's wedding -- with the intention of breaking the happy couple up ... because she's convinced she is meant to be with Michael (Dermot Mulroney). Not your conventional couple, being that they don't end up together, but their chemistry is irresistable.

    If their romance is your favorite, perhaps you and your bae met when you were in college or high school and started out as besties. Maybe you even dated other people and were convinced you'd remain platonic. Your longtime history has made it even easier for you to accept one another, warts and all. 

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  • Vivian & Edward


    No romantic movie list would be complete without 1990's Pretty Woman, a modern retelling of Pygmalion, in which a prostitute named Vivian (Julia Roberts) and a wealthy businessman named Edward (Richard Gere) fall in love. 

    If their Hollywood romance is your all-time fave, you and your partner probably have a lot of admiration for each other. And you surprise one another on a regular basis, whether it's with intellectual debate or sexy chemistry in bed. Maybe you're opposites in a lot of ways -- you're outgoing, your partner is shy, or vice-versa -- but you balance each other in a winning way.

  • Nic & Jules


    In the 2010 critically acclaimed film The Kids Are Alright, Nic (Annette Bening) and Jules (Julianne Moore) are prepping to send their daughter Joni off to college when her younger brother, Laser, says he'd like to track down his biological dad. If their longtime love appeals to you, perhaps you and your partner are in a relationship that feels very comfortable. You understand how that can lead to being in a rut, so you want to mix things up, but you may not always see eye-to-eye about how to do that. Still, when you're able to let go and go with the flow, you find that everyday life together can be even more romantic than something super-planned and grandiose.

  • Molly & Sam


    In 1990, audiences and critics alike loved the heartbreaking love story Ghost, which ended up garnering five Oscar nominations. Molly and Sam's romance is certainly an unconventional one, and if you consider it your favorite, perhaps you and your bae also have your own inside language -- like how Molly (Demi Moore) and Sam (Patrick Swayze) say "ditto." You've always been able to connect in a way that's truly sensual and deep. You just get each other on a mental and spiritual level. No surprise if you feel pretty confident that your relationship is a fated one.

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  • Scarlett & Rhett


    In 1939, producer David O. Selznick turned Margaret Mitchell's bestselling novel into a sweeping, silver screen epic like no other before it. If you, like many others, adore the firey romance between Scarlett (Vivien Leigh) and Rhett (Clark Gable), maybe you and your partner have a similarly passionate connection. You tend to be a bit showy about your affection for one another -- and perhaps even somewhat dramatic when you don't see eye to eye. Basically, theatrics are just a part of your dynamic. It may raise others' eyebrows, but it's what works for you!

  • Gigi & Alex


    In 2009's He's Just Not That Into You, Alex (Justin Long) thinks he's schooling Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) on how to tell if a guy she's dating is into her, but in the end, you realize that she taught him a thing or two about putting yourself out there and being vulnerable. 

    If you connect with their love story, you and your bae may be the kind of partners who are always learning from one another, relying on one another's advice, and striving to grow and improve -- as a couple and as individuals. That commitment to evolution and self-awareness keeps you together just as much as your chemistry!

  • Andie & Ben


    In 2003's How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, journalist Andie (Kate Hudson) tries to drive ad man Ben (Matthew McConaughey) to fall in love with her and then dump her, all for the sake of a women's magazine story. Meanwhile, he's trying to win her heart for a bet. Of course they end up actually falling for one another.  

    If their love story speaks to you, it's possible that you and your partner are capable of playing some major games with one another. (So much so that maaaybe you'd do well to try a bit of role play in the bedroom?) Testing your boundaries and pushing your partner's limits is just how you flirt. Really NBD, as long as you ultimately communicate how you genuinely feel!

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