What Our Favorite Movie Couple Says About Our Own Relationship

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We all have our favorite movies, and then we have our favorite movie romances. Those are the ones with the couple we just can't take our eyes off of ... the couple whose love story gives us butterflies and maybe even makes us a bit teary -- Every. Single. Time. Chances are that although our favorite big-screen couple's romance is purely fictional, we identify with it on some level.


So what does it mean if Baby and Johnny's romance in Dirty Dancing is the one that has us swooning? Or maybe it's Daisy and Gatsby or Scarlett and Rhett whose old school romance gives us the ultimate goosebumps. Rose and Jack, Harry and Sally, Anastasia and Christian, the list goes on and on -- which one of these famous movie couples leaves us sighing long and heavy? 

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There are so many love stories to love but WHY we love the ones we love can say a lot about us ... Here is a fun take on what our favorite classic movie romances might say about our own relationships -- or prospective relationships, on/off loves, or wannabe baes.* (*Note: While we obviously know a thing or two about our movie-couple crushes, we're definitely not experts.)

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