Jamie Dornan Faces Yet Another Batch of Ugly Divorce Rumors

jamie dornan amelia warnerNo matter how happy they seem or how many kids they dote after or how much they talk about their bond, Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner's marriage has been questioned and put through the rumor mill. The latest gossip sounds more like a terrible movie plot than real life. 


According to Travelers Today, Jamie and his wife Amelia aren't even living together right now, but he's waiting until her postpartum depression bout is over so he can file for divorce. Then, during the big event for the Fifty Shades Darker premier, the rumor is that Jamie and Dakota Johnson will reveal that they are in love.

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This is ridiculous. It all seems so plotted out, so calculated, so evil, and so very wrong. Why can't be just celebrate love when we see it?

While we cannot know exactly what is going on with Jamie and Amelia's marriage, we will say that things do seem quite lovely between the two. Amelia and the couple's two daughters traveled to where Jamie was working so the family could be together, and stay a unit. And Jamie has over and over again said the most lovely things about his wife, their love, their family unit. It's very clear how dedicated he is to Amelia and their kids. So we are not going to buy into this nonsense for one second. 

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And this is the reason why Jamie quit social media. People say horrible things on there and so he removed himself from being victimized by false accusations and mean-spirited comments that hold no truth. All of which further shows how he'll do anything to protect his family. 



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