Jamie Dornan's Stepmom Speaks About Their Sad & Special Bond

jamie dornanJamie Dornan has talked about the challenges he faced after the death of his mother, Lorna, when he was only 16. And now Jamie's stepmother Dr. Samina Dornan is sharing her sorrow over Lorna's death, and how she can relate to Jamie because she too lost her mother at a young age.


As we learn more and more about Jamie and his family, we can't help but admire how much they all love and care for each other. And it is in that strong family base where Jamie secured the values to care for his own family -- his wife Amelia Warner and their two daughters. He's so protective over his loved ones. We find that to be such an endearing quality. What's also heartfelt is the incredible words Jamie's stepmother Dr. Samina Dornan shared about his late mother, and the way she can relate to him.

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On his fame, Samina reportedly told Northern Woman magazine, "I'm very, very proud of him and also sad for him. It may be a strange thing to say, but I often feel how wonderful it would be if his mum was alive to see all this. You can never replace a mother, no matter how good a parent you are."  

Our hearts hurt for him, too. And for Samina, who lost her mom when she was just a child. Something brought these two together, if you believe in that sort of thing. After the death of his wife, Jim Dornan, a respected obstetrician, met Samina -- a gynecologist -- at a medical conference.

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Samina talked about how her own stepmother was such an important presence and how "gentle" she was throughout her life. When she became a stepmom to Lorna and Jim's three kids -- Jamie, Liesa, and Jessica -- she nurtured those relationships with love and kindness. She's proud to say that the "kids," now all adults, still love to come home for visits. And she's also extremely proud of all Jamie has accomplished.

Dr. Dornan boasted about Jamie's success, saying how when they saw him in The Siege of Jadotville, it got a standing ovation and how everyone should go see it. It's clear she is overjoyed with Jamie's successes not only in his acting career, but in his life. And we have to thank her because she nudged him to get into modeling, and it was through that encouragement that Hollywood started to take notice. 

What a lovely bond this stepmom and son have -- it's quite beautiful to hear about all the genuine love that surrounds Jamie.


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