Jamie Dornan's Words About Women Make Us Fall Even More in Love With Him

jamie dornanWhen Jamie Dornan starts talking about the women in his life, we want to listen. Because it's not just the roles he plays that make us swoon (not just Christian Grey), it's his romantic declarations about his wife, Amelia Warner. But a new interview uncovered even more about the other women in Dornan's life, including some details about his first kiss. 


The Refinery29 series that asks famous men about the women in their life, Jamie opened up more than we expected him to. He called his grandmothers Granny and Nana, he admires his wife's style (though he felt obligated), he does think Amelia Warner is funny and makes him laugh, he enjoys having female friends, and he thought Patti Smith's Just Kids was excellent. But the bit we loved the most was hearing about Jamie's first kiss ever.

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Jamie said with a laugh, "It was at the top of the stairs outside the toilet at a Halloween party when I was about 11."

Whoa. Eleven?! We can imagine what that first kiss was like -- awkward with a side of homemade costume, uncomfortable, maybe tasting like candy corns. With Halloween coming up, we can say that it's nearly the 23rd anniversary of the first day Jamie kissed a girl. Maybe he'll celebrate. 

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Jamie, who can say just about anything in that Northern Irish accent and have it sound like the best thing we've ever heard, did say one of the truly best things we've ever heard. When he was asked if he has ever been envious of women, he replied, "Always, every day. They’re just better."

This is a man with a wife and two daughters. This is a man who seems to really know women, what we are about, how we are really amazing. And those words just make him even more incredible.


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