Jamie Dornan's Favorite Role to Play Isn't What You'd Expect

jamie dornanJamie Dornan really likes to play people who are out of their mind. We're talking about roles that make Christian Grey look like someone without any major issues. What's sad, however, is the role Dornan wanted to play forever is no longer an option.


Dornan fans know that role is of Paul Spector, the serial killer in The Fall. He has called his part in that show "a comfort" and he gives credit to that role for changing his career. But being the psychopath has come to an end -- producers have announced that this is his last go as that character. (And we'll guess that Christian Grey is his second favorite, but that's coming to an end, too.)

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Now some may feel that Fifty Shades of Grey is really the role that has made him famous, and it certainly has, but it's the role in The Fall that has brought him a lot of respect. For the record, we respect him for both roles. But we cannot deny the fact that he's received major criticism for playing Christian Grey.

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And about that "comfort" thing -- how does one have comfort in playing a murderous crazy person? Well, that's just what good actors do. It's also why we feel strongly about Dornan's acting ability, and how we really feel his evilness as Paul Spector and also feel his passion as Christian Grey. We are looking forward to "feeling" him in tights as he prepares for his role in an upcoming Robin Hood flick. But let's get real on all of this. While he's an actor, and a great one at that, Jamie's real favorite role is that of husband and father. He lights up when talking about Amelia Warner and their daughters. We're happy they "share" him with us.


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