Jamie Dornan's Wife Still Hasn't Seen 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

jamie dornan amelia warnerWhile we would love to pretend to be Amelia Warner, the woman who married and has two children with Jamie Dornan, it's become very clear there is yet another major difference between us. Amelia has not seen Fifty Shades of Grey. According to Jamie, his wife has no interest. 


Jamie was on The Jonathan Ross Show and was asked how his lady love was dealing with all the sex scenes not only in Fifty Shades of Grey, but Darker, and Freed -- the films he just recently completed. Jamie's response was off-the-charts amazing. And made us fall even more in love with him. He said, "My wife is one of the most brilliant human beings in the world. She hasn't watched it. Why would she watch it? She wouldn't put herself through that."  

Brilliant. Their love runs deep. 

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When we think about it, there really is no need for Amelia to put herself through a film where her husband makes out, whips, and pretends have sex with another woman. That would be strange to see. It's like digging through your husband's old photographs to find the ones of him in kissing selfies with his former flame ... only in this case it's three thousand times worse. For those of us not in the Hollywood scene, we can't imagine what this actor stuff is like and how to deal with the fact that your significant other kisses other people on the job, but it's just something they do and they have to get over. It seems better to just not think about it, to not watch the movies, like Amelia is doing. And it makes even more sense how Jamie has stressed that his being Christian Grey is just a job. Because he's not Christian ... he's Jamie and Jamie is married to Amelia and has two kids with her. 

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Sure, the whole culture of it is Hollyweird, but if Jamie makes his wife feel secure and loved in their relationship, that's what matters. And it's evident he is doing just that. 

We'll continue to be nothing like Amelia in this case -- we're watching all things Fifty Shades any chance we get. 


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