10 Reasons to Love Jamie Dornan & Amelia Warner as a Couple

Michele Zipp | Sep 23, 2016 Movies

jamie dornan amelia warnerIn a world with high-profile divorces and nasty breakups with uglier rumors, we at least have the love of Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner. This Fifty Shades of Grey star is so much more than his role as Christian. The loving husband has an incredible bond with his wife, and seeing all the love and admiration between these two is inspiring.

Dare we even say that their true romance is even hotter than anything on film ... and that's because it's real and genuine and so evident in how they treat each other and the looks they give each other. We love Jamie and Amelia as a couple, and we're paying tribute to that love. Here are 10 reasons these two give us #CoupleGoals.


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  • They give each other "that look."

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    While vacationing together before they had kids and before they got married, Jamie and Amelia had these kinds of looks for each other. That is a look of love, of course. And while we know this was before all the fame and baby diapers, this look and the chemistry behind it is still evident today.

  • They share parenting duty.

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    Babies and puppies get us every time, and seeing a man being all sweet and loving to either makes us melt. Enter Jamie Dornan, doting father doing what loving dads do. Sharing parenting responsibilities is so important to a happy marriage, and it seems that Jamie is doing just that.

  • They are intensely private.

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    For now, these two manage to fly mainly under the radar. The tabloid fodder is minimal in comparison to other couples, and we hope it stays that way because we want to see all the positive that these two represent. They stay as private as they can and that seems to make them even stronger as a couple.

  • They stay connected.

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    Amelia travels with Jamie when he has to be in other countries for work -- and their kids come along, too. This keeps them together as a family unit and keeps their bond strong.

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  • Pure passion is truly there.

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    While we are used to see Jamie as Christian get frisky with Dakota Johnson as Ana, the real passion (the OG passion) is his with wife Ameila. The couple that frolics together on the beach and embraces in the ocean stays together.

  • They have priorities.

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    We cannot stress enough how much Jamie puts family first. While he is serious about his job as an actor (and a fabulous one at that), he still calls it just a job. His priority is with his family. He's not caught up in Hollywood fame, but instead focused on being an involved parent and partner to Amelia.

  • They openly share an admiration for each other.

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    Amelia supports Jamie at his red carpet events, but it's not just her who compliments her love. Jamie has gushed about his wife's talents not only as an actress but a singer and musician. The admiration is admirable.

  • Jamie wants to make his family proud.

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    Jamie wants to make sure the world gets the right view of who he is. He knows that so many fans thinks he's just like Christian Grey, but he is so much more than that role. Jamie has said that he wants to have a balanced career, and even make movies that his children can watch. We love his thoughtfulness and his daddy-thinking brain.

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  • "The look" seems stronger than ever.

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    We know "that look" couples in love give each other is strong when the relationship starts ... but can they keep that look going even after marriage and two kids? For Amelia and Jamie, the answer is yes. This is a photo of two people in love who get each other. We love it so much we want to draw a big red heart around them.

  • These two are so in sync.

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    After we got over the jaw-drop of seeing Amelia in that incredible coat, and then the adorableness of Jamie with a beanie on, we took the time to really see what's going on here. A couple who knows the power of coffee talk. Okay, okay, maybe it's tea, but whatever it is, they are just so together on this -- we see it time and time again with these two. Walking together, holding hands, holding open doors, doing all the things with an air of love, of respect, and togetherness.

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