10 Reasons to Love Jamie Dornan & Amelia Warner as a Couple

jamie dornan amelia warnerIn a world with high-profile divorces and nasty breakups with uglier rumors, we at least have the love of Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner. This Fifty Shades of Grey star is so much more than his role as Christian. The loving husband has an incredible bond with his wife, and seeing all the love and admiration between these two is inspiring.


Dare we even say that their true romance is even hotter than anything on film ... and that's because it's real and genuine and so evident in how they treat each other and the looks they give each other. We love Jamie and Amelia as a couple, and we're paying tribute to that love. Here are 10 reasons these two give us #CoupleGoals.


Image via Elliot/Splash News

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