'Fifty Shades Darker' Set to Be Bigger Than the First Movie

jamie dornan dakota johnsonConfirming all our suspicions, everything that is Fifty Shades is causing fans to become more and more rabid in the best way possible. We cannot get enough and with all the intensity surrounding Fifty Shades Darker, OG fans need to know that we are poised to welcome a whole new set of Christian Grey lovers. Things are going to get wild and bigger than we could even imagine.


If you recall, there were snickers and jeers when the book came out. When the movies were announced, some thought it would bomb and that there wasn't an interest in anything involving EL James's writing. But die-hard fans were onto something -- they knew all that this movie could incite, all the fantasies it could inspire, and all the fun involved in watching a movie about lovers who love a bit harder (or shall we say darker) than what we tend to see in romantic flicks in the theater. 

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The frenzy surrounding Darker is a dizzying mix of desire and anticipation -- we want to know more, we want to see what's happened since that last scene in the elevator. We want Ana and Christian and all their troubles and spankings. We want more.

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And more we will get. Fifty Shades Darker is poised to be bigger than the first installment. If we look at the excitement over the film's trailer alone, we know there is so much more interest in what's happening with these two. We will have to wait until February to see just how this passion for all things Fifty plays out, but we have a hunch we'll be at the movies with a lot more people.


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