'Magic Mike' Brunch Exists -- Strippers, Mimosas & All -- & We're So, So Down

When Magic Mike came out, women everywhere went crazy because, in addition to seeing Channing Tatum, there was an entire cast of eye candy. It was a movie that solely served to make straight women (and then some) swoon over men grinding in their panties, and to this day, we're not entirely sure the acting was all that great -- and we're not sure we even care. However, we're more than ecstatic to learn that, in lieu of their traditional menu, Sax Restaurant and Lounge in DC is serving up a Magic Mike–inspired brunch on Sundays


It's described as an "all male burlesque show" by the name of "SIR," and though it's $50 per person, you're bound to get a bang for your buck. That ticket gets you a two-hour performance, unlimited mimosas (a key component, obvi), and a menu of hors d'oeuvres–style plates. For an extra $15 you can get VIP treatment that guarantees you a seat closer to the hot action. 

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And the best part? It's not just your run-of-the-mill strip show -- there are aerialists and go-go dancers on top of the normal stuff. So, it's like the Cirque du Soleil of brunches. 

While the women are wild for the performers (that's according to the bouncer's interview with the Washington Post), they have a few insights for those who may be interested in road tripping it to this new hot spot. According to people who have seen the show, you shouldn't set your bar too high when it comes to the food or good looks, but if you can handle a balding head and a not-so-tasty entrée, the dessert may very well be worth the price.

Personally, I found myself praying this place was near me in New York, and since one brunch-goer compared it to church, telling the Washington Post, "God made man in his image. So we're here to worship his image," I still think that prayer is appropriate. However, it wouldn't be too difficult to convince me to take this road trip -- they had me at mimosas. Nothing compares to booze and boys, and nothing ever will. 

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So, truly, the only question I have left is this: Will Channing Tatum himself be there to serve me all the life I'm going to need to resuscitate me from this event? Just curious.   


Image via Johan Gerber/Shutterstock

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