16 OG Movies That Actually Left Us Wanting Sequels

love actuallyFrom Bridget Jones's Baby to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and Zoolander 2 to just so many more, there's certainly been no lack of sequels to hit theaters this year -- but there are still plenty of favorite flicks we'd love to see reappear with a "part two" tacked on to their titles. Some are romantic comedies that left us wondering if our fantasy couple really did stay together forever and ever. Others featured characters so fascinating we can't help but think about what they might have gone on to do with their lives ... but all of them deserve another installment on the screen!


And while it's true that sequels aren't always better than the originals (sometimes quite the opposite), we'd still be first in line if any of these fantasy films ever really happened. (Are you listening, Hollywood?)


Image via Peter Mountain/Universal Studios

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