Jamie Dornan Buys a New Pad -- It Even Has a Red Room

jamie dornanFor some reason we imagine Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner purchasing a Victorian-type home for their family, but instead the Fifty Shades Darker star spent $2.8 million on a mid-century place in the Hollywood Hills. And get this: It has its very own red room.


Dornan does need to get cozy in Hollywood because even though he is from Northern Ireland and his wife is British, Jamie has become an American superstar thanks to his work as Christian Grey. (And we give major thanks for that every single day we need a fantasy pick-me-up.) He needs to have a home in La-La land because that's where the movie magic happens -- and of course he is just going to get more and more roles. And so, why not get a semi-modest 2,510 square foot mansion in Nichols Canyon, a popular spot for Hollywood's elite? Sounds perfect.

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Inside the home there are some touches that Grey would very much approve of -- there are stainless steel appliances in a very modern kitchen and .... a red room. Yes, a real red room. But relax ... it's not exactly for spankings unless he's into that kind of thing in the shower. Maybe? The bathroom is what is red, as in red tile. It's gorgeous.

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The family of four will have four bedrooms in this home along with a cool swimming pool. But our dreams of Jamie and Amelia having an old marvel of a home aren't completely dashed -- they already own a romantic cottage in the English countryside. So multifaceted.


Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

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