Jamie Dornan Jolts Us by Calling 'Fifty Shades' Just Another Job

jamie dornanWhile we would like to fancy Jamie Dornan as a man who is like Christian Grey (in his attentiveness and sexual appetite), Jamie is reminding us that to him, being Grey is "just another job." We understand that, we do. But why do his words break our heart a bit?


Because we are unreasonable fans, of course. Perhaps a bit obsessed. Though, we know the real Jamie, the loving husband and sweet dad of two, isn't Christian Grey at all. We know that's just a role he plays and slips out of when he steps off set. The real Jamie, however, may be even sexier with his Irish accent and reserved ways. He's fiercely protective over his family and their privacy. And ... well ... we love men with beards, and Jamie sports one much more often than Christian.

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In an interview with British talk show This Morning, Jamie talked about modeling and working in a pub all before getting into acting. He did acknowledge how Fifty Shades of Grey made him a household name but said, "To me or any actor that is involved in any franchise, it is just another job and you move on to the next thing." We get it. 

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He also added how he loves his job because of its flexibility and how it affords him the ability to be able to travel with his wife and kids when a role takes him to another country. We love that for him, too. And the fact that he is such a caring dad who wants to spend as much time with his kids as possible makes us love him even more. Christian Grey or not. So we're not going to take offense when he says it's just another job -- because it is. But there is none other like Jamie.


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