'Fifty Shades Darker' Movie Poster Is Finally Here

dakota johnson jamie dornanWe've been granted a wish -- more insight and a sneak peek into what Fifty Shades Darker is going to be like -- and we can hardly contain our excitement. The just-released movie poster for Darker features Anastasia Steele with an intensely piercing stare as Christian Grey adorns her with a mask. We cannot believe our eyes.


It's everything and tells us so much about the highly anticipated sequel.

fifty shades darker poster

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"Slip into something a shade darker" -- of course, we will. Everything about this poster is brilliantly done. The gray-washed coloring of the image, the steel gray straps adorning Ana. Her blue gray eyes in that steely stare. And that mask, that gorgeous mask being placed on her by Christian, shrouded in the shadow behind her and looking down.

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There is something to showing Christian in that darkness; we think there is a lot of meaning behind all that we see in this image. Perhaps it's telling us that this is Ana's moment to shine. Gone is Ana's sometimes mousy, unsure ways. In her eyes, we see power. Sure, she is the submissive, but she is going to be exerting some dominance over her dom in other ways. Darker is going to be darker, with more intrigue, more power plays, and maybe even more of Jamie Dornan. 

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And Christian is in the shadows, he is in the darkness, he is battling demons of the past and how it's all creeping into his present. He has to change, evolve, get beyond the things going on in his mind and his life. This is darker. This is intense. 

And now we wait. For more. For anything more to give us more clues until February.


Image via INFPhoto.com

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