Insane Rumors Begin on Why Dakota Johnson Deleted Nearly All Her Instagram Pics

dakota johnsonWhile many celebrities are putting up selfies morning, noon, and night, Dakota Johnson was busy deleting all but one of her Instagram photos. This major purge from social media has some thinking it has to do with how close she's gotten to Jamie Dornan and that his wife was jealous, causing Dakota to go on a deleting rampage.


But we don't think that makes any sense. That might be something a high schooler would do over some jealousy bit but not adults, right? Right. Right?

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There were many incredible pics of Dakota on her Instagram -- ones with Rita Ora, some with her sister, sexy takes from magazines, images that allowed us to see the world through Dakota's eyes. But all of it is gone gone gone with the exception of this one remaining IG:

Dakota graced the cover of this mag over a year ago. Why she chose this image to stay is a mystery. Should we read into it and think "Another"? Does that mean another something is "coming soon"? 

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We could go nuts with conspiracy theories but maybe she was just all sick of everything there and thought she wanted a start fresh. Maybe she suddenly felt weird about the photos she posted -- it happens. We really doubt it has anything to do with Jamie's wife, Amelia Warner. They are cool with each other ... we think. They have to be! We refuse to believe anything negative or sinister there. I guess we're just going to see what happens next on Dakota's Instagram while we hit refresh. Refresh. Refresh.


Image via Splash News

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