Uh, Hang On -- This 'Grease' Fan Theory Saying Sandy Is Dead Could Be Sorta True

I was about 10 years old when my older sister hauled me to the movie theater to see Grease, the 1978 romantic comedy musical that a lot of us can remember choreographing our own dance moves to. In our garages, of course. With the soundtrack blaring through 8-track speakers. We all wanted to be Sandy, but now we're wondering if that was a mistake -- a new, chilling fan theory proposes that in Grease, our beloved Sandy is actually dead the whole time. 


So now the movie is about a teen girl who meets a hunky guy while on vacation, then drowns while enjoying summer lovin' on the beach. The Grease we know and love is actually all about her ascent to the afterlife. 

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And the really freaky part? It all kind of makes total sense. Here's your proof:

1. "Summer Lovin'" sets up the sad demise of Sandy


Let's look at the lyrics: "I saved her life, she nearly drowned." According to Reddit user AtomicBolt (who cooked up this whole thing), Sandy didn't nearly drown, she fully drowned. As Danny tries to resurrect her on the beach, she has this elaborate coma-fueled fantasy about what her life would have been like if she had lived and spent a year of high school with Danny.

2. "Hopelessly Devoted" could only have been sung by an angel

You know she's just a fool who's willing to sit around and wait for you. Wait for you to die, that is ... because she needs Danny to die so they can be together forever. You gotta admit, Olivia Newton-John's Sandy looks pretty angelic in her virginal white nightgown ...

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3. "Beauty School Dropout" really needs a heavenly backdrop to make sense

When Frenchie exclaims she wishes she had a guardian angel to tell her what to think, who shows up but Frankie Avalon in angel form to tell her to stop being a teenage ne'er-do-well and finish high school. Obviously, you have to be in heaven to get blessed like that.

4. In the final scene when Sandy scores the guy, the two are really flying off to heaven

They are in the sky. And if a second fan theory that claims Danny is dead, too, is true, then ... yeah. We see it. Now the two are off to that heavenly high school in the sky. 

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Yeah, this whole theory is a total bummer, and it certainly doesn't explain why Putzie was such a putz. (Granted, we're not sure what would fully explain that anyway.) On the other hand, this could mean we will see a whole lot of Sandy and Danny zombies this Halloween, and that's something we're always here for.


Image via Netflix/Paramount Pictures; design by Eve Vawter

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