Jamie Dornan Opens Up About Losing His Mother at a Young Age

jamie dornanJamie Dornan has had some incredible successes lately, and not only in the movies; he has a lovely life with wife Amelia Warner and their two daughters. Jamie's early life, however, was filled with heartache -- his mother passed away when he was just 16, and a year later, four of his friends died in a car accident. Jamie opened up about how emotional that time was for him and how he was able to turn his life around after attempting to cope in dangerous ways.


Jamie's mom, Lorna, had cancer. Losing his mother so young was very hard for him and then when the car accident took the lives of four of his friends, he was totally devastated. In an interview with the Times (UK) magazine, Jamie called the whole thing "horrific" and added how he wasn't sure if the deaths of those he loved so close was something he would ever get over. He was dealing with so much tragedy in such a short amount of time. His mother and her love will always be with him, but he feels her absence every day. Perhaps in a different way now, with a new understanding of her love, now that he is a parent as well.

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Jamie didn't know how to cope when he was a teen and admittedly turned to drinking. When he was 19 and in college, he failed every exam and then drank more heavily, but then he realized something needed to change. He said he realized he was feeling sorry for himself, and needed to figure things out.

Jamie's dad tried to help and wanted him to think hard about what he wanted to do with his life. Jamie admitted that he spent an entire day de-stringing a tennis racket after he broke one string when playing tennis with his dad. Eventually, Jamie was able to pick himself up, and that led to modeling, which led to acting.

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He had to overcome a lot at a young age, which makes us realize why he is so guarded about his personal life, his wife and his children. He holds his loved ones close and is protective. And it's just another reason why we admire him so much.


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