'Fifty Shades' Star Dishes on the Truth About Jamie & Dakota's Relationship

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What really happens on the Fifty Shades of Grey sets stays on those sets, which is why there are so many rumors regarding the real relationship between costars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. But the man who plays Anastasia Steele's bodyguard, Brant Daugherty, isn't afraid to share the details on just what happens between Dakota and Jamie behind the scenes. 


We all want to know how much sizzle is happening between these two -- do they even like each other? Is it all an act? Is there chemistry? We know Dakota has dined with Jamie's wife, Amelia Warner. We know they seem to all get along just fine. But learning the details from Daugherty makes it all seem even more incredible than our wildest dreams.

Okay, okay. Not that kind of incredible where tabloids get their fix, but this gives us more reasons to love these two kind of incredible.

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On Dakota and Jamie, Daugherty told Variety, "They're so much fun together. Old friends. I guess they are. They did the first movie together, but when I came in they were always playing and laughing, and between takes they would sit at the table and just joke around."

"Old friends" -- so perfect. You just cannot do a movie with such intimate scenes and not gain some kind of friendship out of it. I suppose it does happen -- Hollywood is bizarre -- but the more we know about the kind of people that Jamie and Dakota are, the more we see how just about anyone who gets to know them would want to be friends with them. 

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Dakota is supremely cool -- we see that in interviews and how she is a fun-loving down-to-earth girl who has a dream wardrobe and the coolest parents besides Kate Hudson. Jamie, with his Irish accent and doting father ways, makes us swoon. And according to Daugherty, he has a "wicked sense of humor." This allows us to create fun scenarios with Dakota over for dinner at the Dornans', with her playing with the kids and Amelia bringing Dakota a glass of wine so they can chat about music while Jamie cooks some steaks on the BBQ. Old friends ... forever, we hope. 

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