Jamie Dornan Destroys Fans' Hopes That 'Fifty Shades' Will Have Another Sequel

Jamie Dornan no sequel Fans of Fifty Shades better sit down before reading this news. Actor Jamie Dornan, aka Christian Grey, will not return for a fourth film. (Cue the tears.) The hunky Irish actor, who just finished filming Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, has decided that's a wrap, so to speak.


According to the Sun, the 34-year-old is "done" with the character and ready to move on. So, even if EL James's fourth novel in the series, Grey, were to become a film, Dornan says he's out. 

Why? Why? There certainly seem like far worse gigs an actor could get than one that requires rolling around with the comely Dakota Johnson, who portrays his lady love, Anastasia Steele. So what gives?

"I move on very fast in my mind," Dornan told the Sun. "As much as from the outside people think you are synonymous with one character, but I'm very much like, 'Right, that's done' and move on to the next project and worry about that character."

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Hmm. We could see his point if he hadn't just revealed that he'd be happy to continue portraying a serial killer in the BBC series The Fall until his "dying days."

We get that he wants to try his hand at new roles, but clearly there couldn't be a Grey film without the man who brought the character to life.

It's also hard to imagine that all those sex scenes don't make for some serious tension on the home front. Surely, his wife, Amelia, would be happy to see him move on and leave Grey and all his trappings behind. 

Time will tell if Dornan sticks to his guns or if he's won over in the end and agrees to reprise the role that catapulted him into the hearts of millions of fans. 


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