Jamie Dornan Dishes on the Role He'd Like to Play 'Til His 'Dying Days'

Jamie Dornan The Fall This hunky actor is revealing which role he'd like to see go on forever and it's not the one most of us would expect. While this Fifty Shades of Grey star is probably best known for portraying the intriguing Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan confessed he'd like to portray his role as a serial killer in The Fall 'til his "dying days." (Pun intended, we guess.) And, boy, would that be amazing.


In case you haven't seen it, the BBC thriller also stars X-Files alum Gillian Anderson as the detective charged with bringing Dornan's super-creepy character, Paul Spector, to justice after he murders multiple young women.

The series takes place in Dornan's native northern Ireland, but the locale isn't the only reason the father of two wishes the role would go well beyond its rumored third and final season. 

He told the Associated Press

They're like family to me and I'm forever grateful for it to be a part of my life and, you know, I would play that character to my dying days if I had the opportunity.

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Funny, isn't it? You'd imagine plenty of guys would love to trade careers with Dornan for a chance to roll around with Dakota Johnson in the Fifty Shades trilogy. But not Dornan. He's choosing the duplicitous double life of family-man-turned-predator in the eerie drama that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Let's hope creators of The Fall are listening and won't bring the thriller to a quick conclusion. If you're a fan of Dornan's but haven't caught this drama yet, you're in for a binge-worthy treat. 


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