17 Iconic Teen Movies That Will Give You Major Back-to-School FOMO

Maybe we're super gigantic mega nerds, but sometimes when it's back-to-school season for kids, we get a little nostalgic ourselves. Three-ring binders? Number 2 pencils? High school football games and busy hallways? We swear we only miss it sometimes, but when we do, we always dig into our queue of the best nostalgia-fueled high school movies to nurse our F.O.M.O. And honestly, can you blame us?


Since this is a yearly affliction for us, we've curated our queue to include only the best, most rose-colored films about school -- so basically, the ones that make us forget the terrible parts and only remember the good. Maybe it's not a great habit for practical purposes, but it's great for nostalgia. Trust us.


Image via Fotos International/Getty

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