17 Hottest Pics of the Cast of 'Fifty Shades'

Michele Zipp | Aug 16, 2016 Movies

eloise mumford
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The Fifty Shades movies have not only introduced us to the gorgeous Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, but the rest of the beautiful cast as well. If they were giving out awards for sexiest bunch of actors in one film, Fifty Shades of Grey would win. Hey, we're only human. This cast is just a bunch of hotties. We found some of the most sizzling photos of our favorite cast, looking hot, hot, hot. Take a look. 

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We all know that Fifty Shades is a hot novel, filled with steamy love scenes and incredibly beautiful people. So naturally, they would need a cast who can portray those sexy scenes. From Eloise Mumford to Luke Grimes, Brant Daugherty to Bella Heathcote, and we can't forget to mention the lovely Rita Ora, this ensemble has major star power with extra sparkle and shine. And it's true, this cast is on fire and we have the pictures to prove it. Wanna see some of our favorite photos?

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Here are some of the sexiest pics of these actors on set and behind the scenes. Each actor looks incredible in real life, and especially on screen. Don't be shy, read on and take a look at this sexy, sexy cast. 

fifty shades of grey

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