Jamie Dornan Is So Ready to Say Goodbye to Christian Grey

jamie dornanAs fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels, we want to live in a world where Christian Grey is forever, where Jamie Dornan will always embody that sexy-with-a-dark-past man who wants to dominate our fantasies. But Jamie is over it. Done. Finished. It's like he's breaking up with us.


Except we are not ready to be broken up. We still have all the anticipation for the second film, Fifty Shades Darker. And once that comes out in February, we have all the excitement to lead into Fifty Shades Freed. And we are still holding out hope that Grey will be made into a movie, too. Or another spin-off. And in all those films, we want more Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan.

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But Jamie seems to be distancing himself a bit. Though, we shouldn't fret. He's still our Christian; he can't escape that role forever bound in cinema history. He just needs a little space, it seems. Some time. And we'll honor that.

Who can blame him? Embodying the role of Mr. Grey has got to be hard work. All that spanking and tortured-soul business, all that kissing and rolling around with Dakota Johnson. Tough stuff. We get it. We'll give him time. We'll let him take on other roles so we can see all the sides of Jamie Dornan.

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This "finished with Fifty" business is because of a new film Jamie's in called Anthropoid. It's a World War II thriller, so it's quite the turnaround from Fifty. Jamie told Vulture:

I think that diversity as an actor is a pretty useful thing to have. You don’t want to be too repetitive. I wouldn’t want to do just those films, I wouldn’t want to do any films where you’re playing the same character all the time, whatever it is. You’ve gotta keep it interesting, and challenge yourself, and do roles that you think are worthwhile and interest you. That can come in all different forms, but you want to make sure that they’re not the same over and over again.

We can't help but feel that's a reference to Christian Grey. He did just complete three films as the same guy. He's ready to move on.

And so ... we'll accept that, of course. It's not really goodbye, Jamie. It's just "laters, baby" to Christian. For now. We want to see all sides of Mr. Dornan. But mostly we just want more ... of whatever character he may embody.


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