Jamie Dornan Said Filming 'Fifty Shades' in France Felt Wrong

jamie dornanFifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed were filming in France when the horrific terror attack occurred during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice. Waking up the next day to start filming again was the last thing Jamie Dornan wanted to do. He said that trying to be Christian Grey after all that had happened felt "frivolous and wrong."


Jamie often has his family accompany him when he travels for a movie. And his wife Amelia Warner, along with their two children, were staying in Nice during the time of the attack. We were all rattled and saddened over this tragic happening, and Jamie's being right there in the beautiful city with his wife and kids made it all the more difficult for him to just go back to acting the very next day.

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There were security concerns, and making sure everyone in the cast and crew were accounted for and okay, and once they were, they knew they had to resume work. But how does one do that in times like these?

Jamie spoke to Comingsoon.net about how it felt like the wrong thing to be doing after the deadly attack, though he in no way was faulting the directors or producers for pushing him. It's a case of "the show must go on" due to contracts and deadlines and the millions of dollars that go into making a movie. So he did his job -- what he needed to do -- with a heavy heart and a mind, most likely, not completely in the game.

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Thankfully the cast and crew for Fifty Shades seems like a tight-knit group and they supported each other through this difficult time of filming. When terrible things happen, it's difficult to resume life as if nothing happened, but we hold our heads high and move forward in the name of peace and love. Jamie is very clearly a compassionate person with a huge heart and a lot of empathy. Which makes being a fan of his very easy.


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