How the 'Fifty Shades' Sequels Will Be Different From the First Movie

jamie dornan fifty shadesWe have high expectations for the sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey, and with Fifty Shades Darker and Freed's new director and screenwriter, we have been told things will be ... darker. One of the film's stars opened up about just how things will be different, making this trilogy feel even more intense.


The gorgeous Luke Grimes, who plays Christian's brother Elliot Grey, had a bit to say about the changes happening in the next two dom-roms and he shared his thoughts with Da Man magazine. We can't forget where we left off in Fifty Shades of Grey -- Elliot has struck up a romance with Ana's best friend Kate, played by Eloise Mumford. Look how cute they are together!

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And look how hot Luke is in the magazine's feature.

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We know the heat factor is turned way up for the next two films simply because Kim Basinger is going to be in them. But Luke shared a bit more about what we can look forward to. He did say filming was complete -- so it's all finished unless we believe there are more re-shoots, which is possible. We hope for red room of pain re-shoots just so there is extra footage for us on some bonus disc. (Dream big!)

Luke delved into the fact that there are lots of new characters that are "much more involved than the first film." So we not only have the love story plot of boy meets girl, boy woos girl at hardware store with the purchase of rope, boy ties girl up in sex play and she comes to love it. Oh no! We have all the other characters now infiltrating Ana and Christian's lives and making everything much more complex. Luke explained, "There are also some new people on the creative side of things, so I think that fans can look forward to seeing something fresh and a little different."

Fresh and different. That is exactly what we want. Can February just get here already?!


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