Dakota Johnson Dares to Share TMI With Fans on Instagram

dakota johnsonDakota Johnson has a wicked sense of humor. She's smart and witty and isn't afraid to say things that may be a little out there to some. But still, some things are sacred, right? Maybe not. Dakota's latest Instagram photo and comment has some people saying OMG TMI.


A pouty and makeup-free Dakota shared this pic with fans. (For the record, we think she's rad.)

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"When the carpet matches the drapes AND the sweet hue of exhaustion under your eyes," she wrote. (Love the bikini and mini handbag emojis.) So she's telling us that her dark circles match her dark hair and ... wait a minute. I thought Dakota was a natural blonde and she dyes her hair this color? Maybe that blonde went away once she got older? And wait another minute ... why are we even thinking about this?!?

Oh. Right. She brought it up.

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All we see is that pretty pink pout and some pink clips in her hair along with a pink tee. Sure, she may look a little tired, and maybe she thinks that's a lot of baggage under her eyes, but spend the night with a baby with colic and her dark circles pale in comparison. Besides ... we have to think about why Dakota may be so tired. Too much filming in the red room with Jamie Dornan? Too much la passion on the streets of Paris? If so, we thank her for her dedication and hard work. Someone has to be the Ana to our Christian. And we will all reaps the rewards of her tireless efforts.


Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

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