15 of Dakota Johnson's Hottest Pics as Anastasia Steele

Michele Zipp | Aug 3, 2016 Movies

dakota johnsonBesides starring in one of our favorite (and pleasurable) flicks -- Fifty Shades of Grey -- Dakota Johnson and her incredible talent and beauty cannot be denied. As we review the fantastic photos of Dakota as Ana in all these films, one clear trend has emerged. Beautiful Dakota + Jamie Dornan = sexy movie magic. Don't believe us? We found 15 times Dakota made us say, bow chika wow wow!

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Maybe it's the fact that she's formally a model. Maybe it's because her parents are Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, but Dakota Johnson makes the perfect Anastasia Steele. It also helps that she has an equally as gorgeous co-star. And their movie chemistry, MIND BLOWN. 

Let's go over Johnson's Fifty Shades cred: She's gorgeous. Check. She's mysterious. Check. She's fun. Check. She's sexy. Check. And there you have it, she's our Ana.

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Take a look at some of Dakota's hottest moments as Ana Steele.


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