For Pete’s Sake – Enjoy One Last Summer Adventure With the Kids!

As summer winds down, so does your entertainment stamina. You’ve been coming up with fun-filled ideas for weeks now and it’s getting harder and harder to keep the kids happy! You’ve conquered the great outdoors, visited all the local swimming holes, taken a trip (or two) to local theme parks, and more. 


But guess what? There’s still one more great summer adventure to be had before your kids go back to school. And it’s one that the whole family is going to love. Thanks to Disney, Pete’s Dragon has come back to life in a reimagining of the cherished family film.

You and the kids will get lost in this adventure story of a boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon. It’s a tale that proves that magic is all around us – we just have to be open to finding it. The story will transport you to magical lands, introduce you to lovable characters, and show you the importance of true friendships.

Pete’s Dragon is a cinematic journey filled with humor, adventure and emotion – just like your kids! – and imparts lessons, love, and wisdom,  just like you do. Best of all, as you sit in the comfort of an air-conditioned movie theatre; you’ll all find your minds opening with possibility and wonder.

And what better way to end the summer than with an adventure that captures imaginations, hugs hearts, and entertains all at the same time?

Don’t miss Pete’s Dragon, coming to theatres August 12th in 3D!

What summer adventures will you try to fit in before school starts again?


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