Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Reportedly Have to Film Extra Sex Scenes

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If we believe the rumblings of some, it seems as if there is a chemistry issue on the set of Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Is there a lack of sparks between stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan? We don't want to believe it, but it's rumored that there had to be re-shoots in order to make the sex scenes look more passionate.



We don't buy it. There is chemistry between Dakota and Jamie -- we see it with our own eyes. But if we listen to the reports, producers on the set of Fifty Shades wanted to shoot the sex scenes over because they felt they were somewhat lacking. 

You got that, right? Dakota and Jamie had to re-shoot the sex scenes.

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We'd be happy about that. Another day or days to roll around naked with Jamie or Dakota? Yes, please. Again. More. One more time.

Perverted thoughts aside, the gossip states that Dakota had some issues looking sexy enough. It's hard to be on all the time -- acting is hard work and I swear I am not being facetious. I would imagine it would be a challenge to slip into being Anastasia Steele on the daily, when you are in fact Dakota Johnson (or any actor). Re-takes seem like they are just part of the process. Though there are some other things that were said that make us wonder. 

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It was said that EL James is very controlling over what happens on set. When looking at the behind-the-scenes photos, it's clear that she is very involved and we love that about her -- she really cares how her books are being translated to film. For us, the first movie had tons of chemistry and it was clear that Ana and Christian were just getting started. Darker has got to be hotter, so we're pleased that they are going to great lengths to make sure it is. 


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