From Car Seat Scares to Cryfests, the 'Bad Moms' Stars Dish About Motherhood IRL

Our Instagram feeds and Pinterest accounts might be filled with idyllic, aspirational images of exotic vacations, smiling families, and next-to-impossible home improvement projects, but if we're being honest, nothing really brings us closer to other women than sharing (and finding laughter in) our most epic life fails. It's for this very reason Bad Moms is going to be the GNO movie of the summer (2016's Magic Mike, if you will, but in a totally different way). 


This was totally proven at a recent advanced screening of the film during which mom groups were repping stronger than we've ever seen in a movie theater before, reveling in watching PTA drama and mom code brought to the big screen in a really raw way. And there were snacks.

Bad Moms junket snacks

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Fortunately stars Kathryn Hahn, Mila Kunis, and Christina Applegate also served up some realness at the Bad Moms press junket in LA, where they regaled us with their "bad mom" moments, and we could totally relate. Look, it's Mila!

Bad Moms junket

As far as those #BadMoms moments, take this doozy (seriously, it's a doozy) from Kathryn:

My son was maybe a half a year old, not even. I keep making him younger as it goes to kind of make me feel better. He was crying so hard. 'What's the matter? What's the matter?' I was checking his fingers and toes. He wouldn't eat. Finally I changed his diaper and one of my hairs had wrapped itself around his nuts like five times. I almost castrated my child.

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Mila's mommy horror story was equally cringeworthy, and a terrifying moment for any frazzled parent:

Wyatt was 8 months old and I was driving to visit my husband [Ashton Kutcher] at work. Driving with an 8-month-old for a couple of hours is like going on a road trip. You have to pack all of this stuff up in anticipation of everything going horribly wrong with the first baby. Second baby doesn't matter. I put her in the car. I high-five myself. I'm driving down the 101 freeway and I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm doing really good today.' She was being really quiet. I look and she's happy as can be but just not nearly strapped in. I think I just turned white. I pulled over and calmly crawled into the backseat, strapped her in, and continued to drive. I'm never talking about this story to anybody ever. It's just going to be me, myself, and I. Lesson learned. I'm so grateful. I literally pulled up to my husband's work and just burst out crying. I was like, I f*cked up. Lo and behold a year later I came to get Wyatt out of the backseat of the car my husband put her in and she's not strapped in whatsoever. I was so excited. I wasn't alone. 

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In terms of biggest mom gripes, we're so with Christina on her least favorite part of parenting -- waking up in the morning:

It's real hard to wake up. Waking up is rough. I'm trying to have a better attitude about it because sometimes she [Sadie, her daughter] would come in and she'd be like, 'Morning, Mama.' And I'm just like, 'Hi.' That's horrible. That's like the first thing she sees is me resenting the fact that she's waking me up 15 minutes before my alarm is going off, shoving a doll in my face going, 'There's a string, Mom. Wake up, Mom. There's a string -- you need to cut it.' I'm trying to be kinder in the mornings, also saying to her, 'You do have a father. He's on the other side of the bed. He knows where the scissors are as well.' Next morning at 5:40 a.m.: 'Mom, I can't find Cheetah.' And you're crying. That's the hardest part of the day.

We can all celebrate "Bad Mother's Day" on July 29 when Bad Moms hits theaters. And if you haven't already checked out the trailer, you should definitely do so below.

Images via STX Entertainment; Kelly Bryant

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