15 Revealing Things EL James Said About 'Fifty Shades'

Michele Zipp | Jul 15, 2016 Movies

el james
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There are so many rumors swirling about all things Fifty Shades of Grey, but the woman behind it all knows the truth. EL James created Christian Grey, and there is no one who understands him more than her. When looking at all her quotes on the books and films, we can paint a more vivid picture. James has said so much about Ana, Christian, and their love story, and she also gets into why the main character is into BDSM and Ana's effect on our leading man.

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We've been fans of Fifty Shades of Grey since the first book. And we've followed its journey through three books and now all of the subsequent movies. And while we keep up with the Fifty Shades news, we still keep tabs on EL James, the books' author. James always has something interesting to say about the series that she wrote, from how she feels about the sex scenes in the movie, her thoughts on BDSM, and what she thinks when people call her books "mommy porn." And for fans of all things Fifty, we put together a list of the most interesting things she's said about our favorite book series.

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Read on for these fascinating quotes from the woman who brought us Mr. Grey.