Girls Meet the 'Ghostbusters' Stars & Remind Us Why This Remake's So Damn Important

The all-girl Ghostbusters movie is an amazing thing. We knew this from the beginning. The idea was amazing. The cast is amazing. The photos from set have all been amazing. All this amazing stuff has been brewing for months, but this weekend, the most amazing thing of all happened: Little girls got to see the movie and the red carpet for the first time, and their reaction to meeting the female leads of a blockbuster action comedy is the reason why this movie was made in the first place.


Their perfect little star-struck faces should be all the proof the world needs that representation is big and essential. It's a huge deal that those girls get to dream of being Ghostbusters, then meet women who look like them actually, really being Ghostbusters. It's proof that the young girls can do it, too.

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And the teary-eyed mom in the background who gets to see her daughter meet a hero that the mom never got a chance to have? We'll. Just. Die.

Also amazing was the resolution to Leslie Jones's dress story line, which, if you need a refresher, went a little like this: Leslie needs dress. Designers haughtily eye her dress size when she asks. She tweets. Christian Siriano tweets back and offers to dress her. Leslie says yes.

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The story ended when Les showed up to the red carpet looking like this:


Like we said: amazing. This whole movie is flawless and perfect and we haven't even seen it yet. But on behalf of future female comedy stars and future female Ghostbusters everywhere, we're already sending a million thank-yous this movie's way.


Images via Splash News

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