10 Brant Daugherty Images That Make 'Fifty Shades' Even Hotter

Michele Zipp | Jul 6, 2016 Movies

brant daughertyMove over, Christian Grey. We have Luke Sawyer taking over. Instagram, that is. And we're talking about the actor who plays Ana's bodyguard -- the intensely handsome Brant Daugherty. Brant shared some sexy selfies and behind-the-scenes pics that are a must-see.

Our love for Jamie Dornan hasn't gone away; we simply realized that there are fifty kinds of love we can have when it comes to all things Fifty Shades. Variety -- spicy, right? And so we delightfully present to you all thing Brant ... or should we just call him Sawyer? Both have such a sexy ring to it. Whatever we call him, we are so happy that Ana's bodyguard is hot!


Image via @Parisa/Splash News

fifty shades of grey

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