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16 Throwback Movies That Perfectly Capture the Essence of Summer

Movies Anne Meadows Jul 8, 2016

When the summer sun bakes your backyard to the point where even sprinklers and Popsicles can't cool you down, the only option is to give up playing outside and head back into the delightfully air-conditioned indoors -- most likely to settle in for an afternoon in front of the TV. It's no big loss, really, because Hollywood has provided us with myriad movies famously set in or around summer -- so that we can indulge in campfires, boat rides, and baseball all from the comfort of our own couches.

True, you could head to your local multiplex to catch a recent summer blockbuster (if you're in the mood for a ton of explosions and mind-numbing CGI). But these 16 classic movies conjure up summer as we remember from our childhoods -- when we had the freedom to get caught up in low-stakes adventure, stretch the bonds of friendship, and even flirt with first love.

Put down the sunscreen and bug spray, and instead, grab some popcorn, start up your streaming service of choice (or dust off your DVDs, if you're rolling old-school), and re-watch some of these nostalgia-worthy summer movies.

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1The Sandlot

The Sandlot gave us so much. It gave us major crushes on the movie's cutie-pie baseball prodigy Benny "The Jet" (Mike Vitar). It gave us the classic line: "You're killing me, Smalls." It gave us the adorable love story (sort of?) of nerdy Squintz and hot lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn. It's an indisputable summer classic, and always will be. For-ev-er.

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2Die Hard With a Vengeance

There's just something undeniably magical about this third film of the Die Hard franchise. The bombs look like large pitchers of Kool-Aid; the weirdo villain loves riddles and Simon Says; the chemistry between the unlikely allies played by Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson is perfect buddy comedy -- and the whole thing goes down in a delightfully oh-so-'90s New York City. Yippee-ki-yay ... well, you know.

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3Camp Nowhere

Camp Nowhere was the camp experience of our adolescent daydreams: no counselors, no cleaning duty, no curfew. Just cute boys, sunshine, and an off-kilter camp leader (so that's what happened to Doc Brown after Back to the Future!). This underrated flick was the '90s answer to brat pack movies of the '80s.

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4Dazed and Confused

The stoner movie to beat out all others, Dazed and Confused took us on a weed-fueled trip back to the summer of 1976. It helped spur the bell-bottomed jeans trend in the '90s, and had a badass classic rock soundtrack. But what we're most grateful for is its part in launching the career of a certain Mr. Matthew McConaughey. Bless you, Dazed and Confused, for this, the greatest of your gifts. 

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5Dirty Dancing

There are many summer holiday coming-of-age stories. But none of them got our hearts palpitating quite like Dirty Dancing did. Another movie set 20 years prior to its production, the nostalgia quotient in this film is high. That's probably a big part of why we love it so much -- it inhabits an imagined innocent time when summer fun was (mostly) risk free. Oh, and Johnny (Patrick Swayze). Enough said.

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6Field of Dreams

Who would have a thought that a story about a farmer who hears voices (and actually does what the voices tell him to do!) would result in such a heartwarming film? Another summer movie revolving around the all-American sport of baseball, Field of Dreams throws in some serious daddy issues to up the drama ante. Just remember, if you start hearing random whispers telling you "If you build it, they will come..." -- then it might be time to see a shrink. 

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7Do the Right Thing

Set in Brooklyn on the "hottest day of the year," racial and cultural tensions heat up in this Spike Lee–directed classic. It's a shame to see how far we haven't come in the 27 years since this seminal film was released.

8Independence Day

Patriotism on overload, combined with peak (meaning DAMN fine!) Will Smith, make ID4 a classic summer film. No better summer pastime than kickin' alien ass and saving the earth -- because, 'Merica!

Image via Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

10I Know What You Did Last Summer

Based on the urban legend of the man with the hook, I Know What You Did Last Summer is a screamfest that revolves around a shameful secret shared by a group of teen friends. While it wasn't the most sophisticated slasher flick by any means, the cast of '90s superstars and the numerous jump-scares make it a fun summer romp sure to give you shivers.

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If you have an irrational fear of open bodies of water, chances are a childhood viewing of Jaws is to blame. The first half of the movie suggests a shark without really showing you a full glimpse. Just like like a sunburn -- you don't really see it until it's too late. 

12Friday the 13th

Sure, Camp Crystal Lake sounds like the perfect summer getaway. But this camp has a curse -- and something pretty foul polluting its lake water. Why risk it -- let's skip camping and stay in to watch movies.

And, hey, remember when Kevin Bacon wasn't yet famous? 

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13Addams Family Values

Wasn't little Wednesday Addams a delight? Her total camp takedown after being forced to play nice at Camp Chippewa was pure goth perfection. I guess if you can't avoid going to camp, you can always burn it down (in your dreams).

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14My Girl

Hypochondriac tomboy Vada from My Girl embodied all our most embarrassing pre-adolescent anxieties: getting our periods for the first time, our breasts growing at an uneven pace, learning our parents have sex drives, awkward first kisses, and even (spoiler alert!) dealing with loss. This cute tearjearker hits all the classic hallmarks of a great summer movie, and although Macaulay Culkin is in it, he doesn't do the Home Alone scream once.  

15Stand by Me

Stand by Me is another cult-favorite movie with a rather bizarre-o premise: A group of young friends sets out on a hike in an attempt to find the corpse of a missing boy. On the way, of course, they find adventure and danger (in the forms of a junkyard dog and a gang of older boys). If nothing else, this classic is worth a rewatch for seeing the young actors (including River Phoenix) before they hit major stardom. 

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