16 Throwback Movies That Perfectly Capture the Essence of Summer

When the summer sun bakes your backyard to the point where even sprinklers and Popsicles can't cool you down, the only option is to give up playing outside and head back into the delightfully air-conditioned indoors -- most likely to settle in for an afternoon in front of the TV. It's no big loss, really, because Hollywood has provided us with myriad movies famously set in or around summer -- so that we can indulge in campfires, boat rides, and baseball all from the comfort of our own couches.


True, you could head to your local multiplex to catch a recent summer blockbuster (if you're in the mood for a ton of explosions and mind-numbing CGI). But these 16 classic movies conjure up summer as we remember from our childhoods -- when we had the freedom to get caught up in low-stakes adventure, stretch the bonds of friendship, and even flirt with first love.

Put down the sunscreen and bug spray, and instead, grab some popcorn, start up your streaming service of choice (or dust off your DVDs, if you're rolling old-school), and re-watch some of these nostalgia-worthy summer movies.

Image via Buena Vista Pictures / blu-ray.com

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