'Fifty Shades of Grey' Wraps Up Filming in Vancouver but It's Not Over Yet

fifty shades dakota johnsonAll good things must end -- that's the expression, right? And so the same seems to be the case for Fifty Shades Darker and Freed, both of which wrapped up filming in Vancouver. It can't be over that fast, could it?


No way. The cast -- more specifically EL James herself -- bid farewell to Vancouver, noting that filming in the Canadian city has wrapped. She posted a great pic of her and James Foley with major smiles.

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I know why they are smiling. Because they are headed to Paris. So while they all said good-bye to Vancouver (and the crew who worked on set there), they will be saying bonjour to France. They have to get started in the city of love -- it's all part of the books -- and while we thought they would be filming there sooner than July, it seems like now is the time. Main characters Christian and Ana also spend some time in the French Riviera in the books and they wouldn't skip filming in such a beautiful area for the movies.

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The cast and crew have been in Vancouver since February, with some time off here and there, and so a change of scenery will be welcome. I wonder if Jamie's wife Amelia and their kids will head to France as well. I mean ... of course they will. The doting dad and husband doesn't seem to like to be far away from his family for long.

And even when they really finish filming for good, I'm not going to be entirely convinced it's over for two reasons. One is that I haven't seen any pics of Kim Basinger behind the scenes (Hello! They are sure keeping that under wraps). And two, because while this would mean the first installment along with Darker and Freed are finished, I'm holding out hope that Grey (the book) will become a movie, too.


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