'Sixteen Candles' Home Is for Sale for $1.4 Mil -- but Its Rom-Com Value Is Priceless

16 Candles home for saleRemember when Samantha Baker, played to perfection by Molly Ringwald, had her Sweet 16 birthday overshadowed by her big sister's wedding? Well, the six-bedroom home where it all took place in the John Hughes classic Sixteen Candles is now up for sale, which means you could own a piece of rom-com history.


Seriously, first they forget her birthday, now they're selling Sam's childhood home. This gal can't catch a break!

The stunning, 3,250-square-foot home is located in Evanston, Illinois. Resting on a third of an acre, this three-story beauty, where Samantha wrestled with typical teen angst, was built in 1931.

sixteen candles house

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This brick-faced gem could be yours for a cool $1.49 million.

Honestly, what teen girl wouldn't like to get her very first real kiss in that gorgeous dining room?

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And, good news, that was no Hollywood camera trick; it's just as lovely in real life.

16 candles dining room

While Sam was mooning over Jake (played by the adorable Michael Schoeffling), we're swooning over this kitchen. Love that chalk wall!

16 Candles home for sale

The living room is pretty gorgeous too.

16 Candles home for sale

If the 1984 film is one of your favorites, it could be time to call a Realtor. 


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