Dakota Johnson Makes It Perfectly Clear How She Really Feels About Jamie Dornan's Wife

jamie dornan amelia warnerShowing signs of solidarity and a mutual (though different kind of) love for Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson and Amelia Warner went out to dinner together -- just the two of them. We can only imagine what his on-screen and his real-life loves talked about over sushi and wine, but it's a move that shows us exactly how these two women feel about each other.


Hollyweird is full of strange things. Where else can you pretend to have sex with people and kiss them and roll around naked with them while cameras are rolling and then call cut and head home to your family? Because that's what Jamie Dornan does when he's filming Fifty Shades. Dornan acts very intimate with costar Dakota Johnson (key word: acts) and then returns to his life with Amelia and their two kids. Which is why it seems sort of odd for Amelia and Dakota to be hanging out. Says Dakota: "Amelia, your husband was a great kisser today! Can you pass the soy sauce?"

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I wonder if Amelia makes Jamie food with onions and garlic just so he can have some weird breath thing going on when filming with Dakota? Okay, okay! Of course she doesn't. I mean, who would do that?! Who would even think of doing that?!?

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It's incredibly adorable that these two lovely ladies have a friendship -- it seems only right and I'm sure they have a lot in common beyond anything having to do with Jamie. Amelia is an actor, just like Dakota, and while Dakota spent some time modeling, Amelia is also a musician. Both ladies always look incredible whether they are on the red carpet or caught walking around town. I could even imagine these two sharing clothes. But that might make things a little too weird. They already sort of share Jamie. Kind of. I'd love to know what they talked about with chopsticks in hand ... and how many glasses of wine were poured.


Image via Elliot/Splash News

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