Dakota Johnson & Jake Gyllenhaal Romance Rumors Heat Back Up Again

jake gyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson were reportedly an item five years ago and now that she's single again, it seems that Jake is trying to romance her once again. Rumor has it that Jake calls Dakota "the one that got away" -- big words for Mr. G.


This is shocking and not because someone is so in love with Dakota (who wouldn't be?!) but because this is Jake Gyllenhaal we're talking about -- a man who is a commitment-phobe (at least rumor has it). Though, he's made some comments recently hinting that he thinks about settling down. Could this be in regard to Dakota? We shall see, Jake! We shall see!

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Jake has dated so many lovely celebs -- he romanced Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst, and Reese Witherspoon -- but he doesn't just have a thing for blondes (though that is Dakota's natural hair color). Apparently these relationships didn't last because Jake just couldn't handle the long-term. Apparently insiders even say that when Jake and Dakota dated, he is the one who broke up with her when she didn't expect it. What?!? When they were together, things were reportedly hot and heavy. Dakota and Jakey had some serious chemistry. Oh my!

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With Dakota single again after having her relationship with Matthew Hitt end (again), it seems that Jake is making the moves to get her back. There is one rumored date they already went on. And he's even asked her out to dinner. This is exciting! While Jake is certainly one of the guys we could see her dating again, we do want to make sure Jake is ready to handle something serious. Team Dakota. Don't mess with our Ana! And though we were not-so-secretly holding out hope of Dakota dating Jared Leto, those two may really be just friends. But Jake and Dakota? Perhaps they will be a lot more.


Image via Joe Martinez/PictureLux/Splash News

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