EL James Has Made More Money Off 'Fifty Shades' Than Anyone Ever Dreamed

el jamesOnce upon a time, a woman who goes by the name EL James wrote a steamy novel hoping to delight the senses and inspire fantasies. She did just that and was able to make a boatload of money in the process -- James's Fifty Shades of Grey series is making millions upon millions.


The latest figures have EL James making over 52 million pounds, which is about 69 million US dollars. And she not only pocketed the money, but she also made charity donations of over a million bucks. Now that makes us even more happy. 

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There has been a lot to come out of the Fifty Shades mania: four books (Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed and the surprise of Grey), three movies (so far and we're hoping for more), and plenty of merch along with licensing deals. Our fetish for all things Fifty is very alive and well since we are only one movie in and we still have Darker and Freed to keep us waiting for the next couple of years. Thank goodness! We are also holding out hope for more -- Grey and some spin-offs would be superb. Anything for more of Christian and Ana ... or even Mia or Kate or Elena.

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James has purchased a new home for her family as well as a million-dollar Cornish vacation house. And it's all well deserved, because anyone who can jump-start people's sex lives or keep people's sexy senses heightened deserves some sweet stuff, too. Sex sells. We're buying.


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