9 Hot Images from 'Fifty Shades Freed' to Feed That Jamie Dornan Craving

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jamie dornan fifty shades freed set
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We have been severely missing sneak peeks of Jamie Dornan on the Fifty Shades set. We've had plenty of Dakota Johnson and Rita Ora, but not much of Jamie. Fret no more -- behold some hot behind-the-scenes action of our Christian Grey on the Fifty Shades Freed set. And we also get a bit of Grey's bodyguard Taylor, played by Max Martini. These images are just enough to get us by ... at least for now. Christian always leaves us wanting more.


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We love everything Jamie Dornan. As Christian in Fifty Shades he's the full package, so of course we are going to follow what he's up to once the cameras are off. Shooting a movie can be long and tedious, but Jamie makes it look good -- really good. So we found some BTS -- that's behind-the-scenes -- photos of Jamie as he does his thing on the Fifty Shades set. Is there anything better than a good-looking man who can rock a pair of blue jeans? We didn't think so. Take a look at these photos of Jamie on set and remember that the next movie is here before we know it! 

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Read on and see these amazing sneak-peek photos of Jamie on set. Looking good, Christian! 

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