'Fifty Shades Darker' Star Admits He Hasn't Even Read the Books

tyler hoechlinI think we can all agree that no matter what kind of fame Tyler Hoechlin has already experienced, landing a role in Fifty Shades Darker is going to catapult his career. Once Darker hits theaters, it's going to be madness. But Hoechlin let fans in on a little secret he's carrying regarding the steamy series.


Hoechlin has never read the books. Never? Never.

If I were EL James, I may feel a little slighted just about now. I mean, why wouldn't he have read the books? Oh wait. Right. Maybe it just wasn't his thing. But I'd bet that he's super happy the books existed, because without them there wouldn't be a Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy going on for him to be cast in. Consolation prize for James?

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Hoechlin plays Boyce Fox, the first author Ana Steele signs to Seattle Independent Publishing. It's a big deal for Ana, and a big deal for Fox, and his role in the movie is said to be much larger than his part in the books. Intriguing. This is huge because this means Fifty Shades Darker book fans have something surprising to look forward to here -- perhaps this hot author will play more of a role with Ana in a way that would make Christian really jealous. The film is called Darker for a reason. Maybe this is just one of those reasons.

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As long as Hoechlin reads the script, it's really no big deal that he didn't read the books. But I have a feeling he may want to skip to the pages of Darker to see how his character was originally written. Then maybe he'd get lost in all the other scintillating parts ... just like the rest of us were. The thought of a hot guy like Hoechlin reading a sexy book is quite a turn-on. Summer is here ... makes a great beach read.


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