Makeup Artist Morphs into Pixar's Dory & the Process Is Everything (VIDEO)

Finding Dory makeup tutorial

Since the news -- and now the arrival -- of the Finding Dory movie, Dory fans everywhere (and really, aren't we all fans?) have been overwhelmed with excitement. We found ourselves chanting "Just keep swimming" as our motivation-laced mantra to make it to the big day. But I'll be the first to admit that we've yet to see an act of fandom as great as the one by makeup artist Christina, a blogger who goes by the name Chrisspy, who morphed herself into the bubbly Disney-Pixar character for her 1,511,630 YouTube subscribers.


And that's saying a lot, considering there are so many fish in the metaphorical sea that is the business of YouTube tutorials. 

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Personally motivated by the hopes that Ellen DeGeneres (who stars as the voice of Dory) will see the tutorial, she begins by coating her eyebrows with a glue stick (which, I will say, totally freaked me out) to get the hair close to the skin and strategically placing her bald cap. Then -- using MAC paint and shadow -- this woman begins making complete magic before our eyes.  

Admittedly, this is her second attempt at Dory, but that's nothing short of talent if you ask me -- especially considering the fact that I can't even put my damn mascara on in a straight line (or blend my shadow, for that matter). This woman, however, painted on her face and plastered on the other moving parts that accompany the bubbly fish with printed photos pasted onto construction paper. Now, just let that sink in.

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But, beyond being a talented makeup artist, she's a top-notch multitasker, being able to walk us through the process while doing it.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to master the fun art of talking on the phone in the grocery store without circling the aisle multiple times empty-handed. (Oh, teach me your ways, sensei -- teach me your ways.)   

So with that said, we're certain this level of talent won't slip by Ellen, and this vlogger will undoubtedly get her wish. But, until then, we'll be checking out her other character tutorials -- from Buzz Lightyear to Yoda. BRB.

Image via Chrisppy/YouTube

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